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Workplace world

Here at Solcrown we are on a mission to help you make the most of your workplace. That's why we've created Workplace World - designed to build into a useful resource to help promote creativity and productivity in your working environment, whatever shape it may take.

In Workplace World you'll find information on: -

  • The latest workspace trends
  • Recent research
  • Useful products new and old
  • Simple and inexpensive ways to improve employee wellbeing

We have the knowledge and experience to work with you to create workspaces that:-

  • Are flexible
  • Balance the need for own space with collaborative space
  • Create comfort 
  • Minimise the possibility of injury
  • Accommodate the concept of 'anywhere working'

 Working on the go

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Technology has freed us from the ties of our desks letting us work on our morning and evening commutes, in cafes betweeen meetings, hotels we're overnnighting at as well as on trains and planes. In fact from anywhere.

Click here to check out some new products we have added to our range to help you work smarter and more efficeintly when you're on the go.


Workplace Pulse

The workplace is ever evolving with many factors including technology and the desire for a better work life balance impacting the way we work and how we relate.

We aim to bring you relevant information about the latest trends and research that could positively impact your working envionments.


 Promoting productivity

Improving the rate of productivity in the UK remains a key theme for 2017. 

We believe that some simple affordable steps can be taken to help increase productivity and will be sharing our ideas with you.

Products heroes

New and existing products we believe can add value or make your life easier. 

Products will be tested in our own 'Workplace Labs' and unbiased reviews shared in our one of a kind 'Lab Reports'.

Wellbeing Zone

The positive effects of improving employee wellbeing are well documented.

Our soon to be launched 'Wellbeing Zone' will cover a wide range of issues such as eating well, moving more,making your workspace more comfortable as well as tips and tools that can positively impact your personal wellbeing.   

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