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2017 office design trends

The workplace is constantly evolving. Current issues impacting the way we work and how we relate include: -

  • Different generations at work
  • Technology
  • Desire for better work life balance
  • Innovative furniture solutions

Perceptions are changing with the workplace increasingly seen as an advantage rather than just a cost in today's competitive market for the best talent.

Help keep your staff engaged, creative and productive by creating workspaces where they feel supported and will love to work in.

So what are some of the key trends you're likely to see in office in 2016?

Multipurpose workspaces

Using modular components that can be mixed and matched into different combinations to encourage collaboration and increased engagement.

Community tables and lounge area

Useful in encouraging relaxed collaborative working made possible by more powerful wireless technology.

Flexible furniture

Adaptable ranges such as Verco's Martin range of bench desking pictured above. The simple elegant bench can grow with the needs of your business whilst maintaining an informal collaborative style of working. The range includes complementary seating options like soft seat stools and benches reflecting the many different activities that can take place at a desk.

Bringing the outdoors in

Research indicates that nature can make people feel and perform better increasing wellbeing and creativity by 15% and productivity by 6%. 


Clutter free desk with chair 


Keeping well at work

Your staff are your largest and most expensive asset. Helathier people are more energetic, have better attenion spans and less sickness. Encouraging movement is a simple to help reduce the adverse consequences of sitting for long periods.

Public Health England recently called for the use of more standing desks. Individuals are adopting wearable technology or using apps such as the Stand Up app to monitor their health.


In addiiton to using colour as a way to organise it is increasingly being embraced in the workplace to positively impact the feeling of a workspace.

Clutter free desktops and tables

Desktop accessories and storage to help create a sense of organisation amongst the array of wires, electronic devices, paper and personal items often piled on today's desk.


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