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How to use the digital catalogue with SOLO

Using the Solcrown digital catalogue in conjuction with SOLO is the quick and easy way to find and add non contract items to your SOLO order. Follow the 4 steps below to get started.


Step 1 

Login to your account at solo.solcrown.com or using the SOLO login in the top right hand corner of this page


Step 2

Open the Solcrown digital catalogue in a new window or click here


Step 3 

Use the quick index or search function in the digital catalogue to help you find the item you're looking for


Step 4

Click on the product number of the item you want to order to see the item in SOLO where you can add it to your order


Simply repeat process for other non contract items you want to add to your order but remember  to add all your regular items to your order using the 'Order Pad' tab in SOLO.  

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If you need further help using the digital catalogue with SOLO

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