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A record of excellence


Solcrown has been in business since 1967. Over the past 5 decades the Company has become one of the South East's most prominent independent providers of office and business supplies.

Office and business products and workplace solutions are at the heart of the business and helping customers at the centre of everything we do.

Our business infrastructure has been developed to deliver the advantages offered by the larger contract stationers but with one critical difference - personal service.

With ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management systems in place for two decades you can trust us to deliver.


Our customers include businesses from 25 staff up, including a significant number of larger concerns many of which operate from mutiple locations.

We specialise in supplying people/service businesses including, architects, solicitors, accountants, media agencies and financial firms.

We have been supplying the majority of our customers for more than 10 years.

Business style

Our approach is one of open communication and transparency. We listen, we discuss and sometimes we challenge.

We pride ourself on our willingness to change and adapt to the changing needs of customers and to introduce ways to add value to our service offering.

When we say we will do something we do it.

Recent developments

In 2014 the exclusive UK distributorship for Paragraph detail paper was acquired. This allowed us to ensure the availability of a constant supply of this specialist tracing paper popular with our many architect customers.


Workplace initiative

With the launch of our new website we're taking the opportunity of introducing a new customer resource aimed at keeping you up to date with workplace news and trends as well as products and solutions to help you work smarter saving time and money as well as improve wellbeing.  

Wellbeing will be a core theme in the thoughts, ideas and products shared in Workplace world. It willl include our concerns about the wellbeing of our planet and becoming more eco friendly.


We're committed to offering products from sustainable sources as evidenced by our FSC certification.

Our FSC certification allowed us to support one customer who wanted to use the FSC logo on in house printed documents to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

We're always happy to work with customers to help achieve their green targets and can monitor and report on progress towards their achievement.

Brilliant Partner

Solcrown is one of key supplier Spicers; Brilliant Partners. As such we enjoy a close collaborative relationship with the senior management team and access to products, services, help and support that enhance Solcrown's service offering for both major and complex corporate accounts.

Brilliant Partner Certificate



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