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Promoting productivity

Improving the rate of productivity remains a key theme for 2017 with the Chancellor focusing on the need to 'revive the UK's pitiful productivity growth'.

We believe there are some simple affordable steps that you can take to help increase productivity.

Each month we will be highlighting a product or service we think can help. It will then be tested in our own 'Office lab' to see if it lives up to the manufacturer's claims and deserves to be approved as a 'Product hero'.



Auto feed shredders

The concept - to let shredding jobs take care of themselves freeing up valuable time and increasing your productivity.

AutoMax shredders

The AutoMax range of cross cut shredders from business machines manufacturer Fellowes have been designed to transform the way you shred. To make shredding - hands and hassle free - letting you walk away to deal with more important matters.





So how has the AutoMax been engineered to transform the way you shred?

  • No wasted time preparing papers for shredding
  • Load drawer, push button, walk away
  • Consistent autofeed to high capacity cutting block
  • JamGuard technology to prevent shredding interruptions
  • Ultra quiet operation for shared workspaces
  • Energy saving sleep mode after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Delay start so you can shred at a time that suits you (500 only)

The AutoMax 300 (3 -5 users) and 500 sheet (5+ users) shredders are designed for shared workplaces.They are complemented by the 130 and 200 sheet shredders for personal use.

AutoMax is built to shred stacks of paper - crumpled, glossy, folder paper, documents with staples and paperclips as well as junk mail, CDs and credit cards. And for your confidential documents the AutoMax 500 offers 'SmartLock' to prevent access to sensitive information during the shredding process.


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