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Want quality cheaper printing?

If your are using OEM cartridges for your printing we suggest you take a closer look at the Perfect Green remanufacturered cartridges. These premium cartridges are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards in one of the most modern facilities of its kind.

Because the plastic printer cartridge that might otherwise go to landfill is being re-used, changing to remanufactured cartridges also has the benefit of making your printing more eco friendly. A empty cartridge collection service is also available so cartridges can be used to the maximum extent.

The range covers over 300 cartridges for top printer brands including  HP, Brother, Canon, Oki, Kyrocera, Epsom, IBM, Konica, Minolta, Lexmark, Panasonic and Samsung.

For the most popular printers you can achieve additional savings by using extra high yield cartridges. 

To ensure that you get reliable and cosistent print quality during the life of the cartridge all products come with a 3 year warranty. They are also guaranteed not to damage or prematurely wear out your printer. In the unlikely event there there is a problem your costs will be reimbursed.  




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Promise 1

High quality ink and toner cartridges backed by 3 year warranty

Promise 2

Economical use of resources and preservation of the environment in the production process

Promise 3

At least 35% cost savings for customers switching to this product

Promise 4

An easy way for you to meet your environmental and CSR policies

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