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Comprehensive paper choices

To offer competitive pricing to customers we purchase in volume, store and distribute direct from our own warehouse. Stocked business brands include HP Everyday for volume printing and for ultimate document quality Navigator office papers.

We hold an extensive range of A4 and A3 papers in a variety of weights for all your business needs.

We also stock specialist papers such as our exclusive Paragraph brand of detail paper.These tracing paper rolls are used by our many architect customers for sketching and tracing.

Rest assured that whatever paper you order it will come from responsibly managed sources. Our own FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification confirms our commitment to this principle.



Our processes underlying our FSC certification mean that when we buy and store FSC papers the all important chain of custody is maintained. This allows one customers to use the FSC logo on documents they print themselves using FSC paper supplied by us so demonstrating their commitment to using paper from responsibly managed forests.

If doing your bit for the environment is important to your business check out our office waste paper recyling solution which is offered free of charge to customers within our delivery routes that are purchasing paper from us.

If you'd like to explore your paper options why not use our sampling service. It's free and will give you piece of mind that an alternative paper is right for your business. Click here to request a paper sample.


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