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If waste paper is a problem...

Customers who buy paper from us can take advantage of our office waste paper collection service. It offers a simple way to help improve your recycling rates and show compliance with recycling obligations.

Waste paper, which accounts for some 80% of office waste, lends itself to recycling and conversion into new paper products 

Our office waste paper collection service is coordinated with the delivery of your paper and office supplies. Collected waste paper is collated for return to one of Europe's leading producers of recycled paper giving new life to your waste.

This service is available to paper customers on our delivery routes and is free of charge. It will save you valuable time and money as well as deliver significant environmental savings and divert waste from landfill.

Use our handy calculator to see how many trees you could save switching to recycled paper.





You will need to collect your paper waste needs in clear plastic bin liners for easy identification by our drivers. A selection of sizes and guages is included our 5 Star Facilities range.

We also offer an extensive range of recycling management systems including Acorn paper recycling bins which are ideal for office use.

Use our secure shredding sack for confidential papers requiring shredding and simply call us to arrange for collection at the same time as your non confidential paper waste.

Don't forget we also offer cartridge recycling. Click here to find out more.


Desktop recycling tray

Line your bin

Liners for recycling bins


5 Star Eco recycling bin

Collect even more

Acorn large recycling bin

Solcrown separator

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