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Drink water - stay productive

The Department of Health recommends that you drink at least 1.2 litres of fluids every day.

A simple way to stay hydrated at work is to keep a glass of water next to you at your desk drinking as often as you feel thirsty.

Installing a water cooler is a convenient way to ensure a supply of cool fresh water is always available.

To provide customers with an unrivalled service which is fully accredited and audited by the British Water Cooler Assoication we have partnered with Angel Springs - the longest established water cooler company in the UK.

Our bottled water coolers can be located pretty much anywhere there is a power supply and if required can include a boiling water option.







Keep hydrated in 4 simple steps...


During the life of the contract coolers are replenished with a regular supply of water bottles agreed with you upfront.

Alternatively our mains fed system offers an affordable alternative that gets rid of harsh chemicals and impurities like chlorine converting your mains water to filtered drinking water. 

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Step 1

Select an option

Choose from either bottled or mains fed water coolers and enter into contract

Step 2


Agree time and date to implement your chosen water cooler solution.

A filtered chilled water supply is now available to keep your employees hydrated.

Step 3

Water supplies

Water bottles supplied on a regular basis as agreed with you during the life of the contract to suit your business's needs.

Step 4

Ongoing maintenance

Provided regularly during the life of your contract

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