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The onus is on you!

The new GDPR law comes law on 25th May 2018 and places increased obligations on how personal data is managed by companies of all sizes. It applies to all personal data whether held electronically or physically. You cannot afford to take risks with personal and confidential data and will need to show amongst other things: -

  • Compliance with GDPR data principles
  • Your data is secure
  • Risks of unlawful processing have been mitigated

We have identified 4 areas where our products and services can help you meet these obligations.

GDPR shredding solutionsShredding securely destroys physical data that is no longer required, out of date or inaccurate. Choose a shredder that ensures your unwanted documents can no longer be read or talk to us about our Secure Shredding Solutions that can be tailored to your particular requirements. Our shredding solutions include destruction of hard drives and other devices. Show compliance with GDPR requirements easily by incorporating regular shredding in your document retention and IT asset destruction policies. 

GDPR Storage productsUnder GDPR you cannot retain data for longer than is necessary. Your document retention policy with need to cover, in addition to time limits for destroying and deleting documents procedures for managing their storage whilst in use and being retained to mitigate to the risk of mishandling. Bankers boxes provide an easy way to securely manage and transport confidential files and documents to secure storage facilites.




Good organisation and labelling and an effective retrieval and retention system will let you show GDPR compliance. Your physical record management system can also provide hard copy back up in the event of online systems problems.

GDPR Encryption productsStoring confidential data on portable storage media can increase the risk of a data breach. Using USBs, SSD/HDD USB drives and hard drives with 256-bit advanced encryption standard and built in password protection will help ensure your data is protected. In the event of loss or theft, the incident may be treated as a security rather than manadatory reportable data breach potentially giving rise to fines and adverse publicity for your business. 

GDPR Protect productsPersonal data must be kept secure including having in place protections against unauthorised or unlawful processing of data. Privacy screens offer a low cost solution that reduces the risk of third parties accidently or deliberately taking data from a user's screen. Adopting a policy of mandatory use of privacy filters where confidential data is being handled in the workplace or on the move would help demonstrate you are keeping personal data protected wherever work is being undertaken.

Did you know that visitors books could contain personal data that needs to be protected? Choose books that keep your permanent visitor record hidden from subsequent visitors.

For a simple way to eradicate small amounts of personal data such names and addresses use a handy rubber stamp like the Rexel ID Guard to mask printed text on packaging and documnets. 

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