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Benchmark your supplier 

Do you suspect your current office supply arrangments are not as good as they might be but lack the time to do a comparative pricing exercise? Then our CostSave Challenge may be for you. It's an easy way to confirm whether you're getting a good deal.

We know it's not all down to price and building positive long term relationships is more important that short term false economy. But if you haven't reviewed your supply arrangements recently, you may be surprised by how the market has changed.

CostSave is a no obligation service that compares our prices and service with those of your existing supplier. It gives you the information you need to decide whether to make a change without a massive amount of research and work and is carried out at no cost to you.


CostSave Challenge in 4 simple steps...


Why not see if we can deliver an immediate positive impact to your bottom line. Click on the image below to see an example report.


Step 1

Provide invoices

Email or post 3 months of your latest office supplies invoices to us for us to begin our analysis and create a report 

Step 2


We match your product purchases on a like for like basis and calculate your potential savings

Step 3

Report issued

Within 7 days you'll receive your personalised printed CostSave report by post with your detailed line by line analysis of where your savings can be made

Step 4

Discuss options

Use your CostSave report to discuss with one of our experienced sales representative the steps involved in transferring your account to Solcrown so there is no disruption to your business

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