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Essential workplace solutions

Whether your business operates from an office, warehouse or retail outlet our comprehensive range of workplace solutions include the products you need to maintain clean and healthy premises. 

Choose from cleaning, hygiene and washroom supplies, safety and security products as well as waste management solutions and first aid kits.

In addition to branded products our extended 5 Star Facilities range now includes more cleaning products for your kitchens, washrooms and floors giving you more opportunities to save. 

All items in your first aid kit are date sensitive and need be regularly checked to keep them up to date! 

 First aid facts



Our comprehensive range of signs will help you remain compliant with the latest health and safety regulations and requirments.

We also supply products dedicated to the containment of chemical, oil and sewage spills so you can comply with The Environmental Agency standards.

Save time and money by ordering your cleaning supplies with your office products and having them delivered at the same time next day.

To help you identify areas for improvement, cost savings and the benefits of process streamlining we offer various audits covering: -

  • Cleaning
  • First aid
  • Waste management
  • Spill control


Did you know?

The typical office desk contains 400x more germs than a toilet seat.

We've got all you need to keep your office squeaky clean! Check out our 5 Star Facilities range.

Raise standards

Use colour coded cleaning equipment and processes to prevent cross contamination and help provide a clean and safe working environment.


Rethink recycling

Are you ready to work towards a 'Zero Waste' economy?

Check out our indoor and outdoor waste management solutions starting on page 575 of the main catalogue to help you comply.

Hand hygiene tip

Help improve hand hygiene and minimise the risk of germ transfer by placing hand sanitisers around your workplace.The Purell ES Everywhere System with it small footprint and multiple mounting options fits anywhere even where other bottles and dispensers don't.

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