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New life to old printer cartridges

Using our free ink and toner collection service is a simple way for your business to reduce the 55 million printer cartridges estimated to end up in landfill every year.

Working with our recycling partner we contribute to the over 800,000 cartridges collected every month. Over 85% of what is collected is then remanufactured in the UK into alternative products some of which feature in our 5 Star cartridge range.

Importantly our partner operates an Approved Treatment Facility which, from 1st January 2016, must be used for cartridges with a chip which are now classified as hazardous waste.

If you order remanufactured/compatible cartridges from us for use in your business you will not be charged for the legal documentation issued on their collection for recycling. Potentially a significant saving compared to other recycling services which do charge for this services.








Cartridge collection in 4 simple steps...


Items that can't be remanufactured because of damage or defects are broken down and used to make new life products.

Mobile phone can also be collected and recycled as part of this service.

The service is offered whether you've one or many cartridges or phones to recycle giving you peace of mind that these waste items are being disposed of and recycled responsibly.

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Step 1

Choose your option

We can provide either collection bins to place around your office for high level users or freepost envelopes for low level returns

Step 2

Fill up

Begin collecting your empty cartridges using the collection bins or freepost envelopes we have provided


Step 3


When your collection bins are full simple call us and we will collect the next time we are delivering an order. Alternatively mail back the empty cartridges in the freepost envelopes

Step 4


Once your cartridges and phones are received they will be remanufacturered or recyled making this a great option for enhancing your current CSR and environmental policies

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Any amounts we receive for collecting cartridges and phones are donated to charity.