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Convert unwanted cartridges into cash!

Have you recently changed a printer and have surplus cartridges?

Maybe you're like some 60% of businesses in the UK that have obsolete printer cartridges gathering dust and taking up valuable space in your stationery cupboard. Now there's an easy way to get rid of those unwanted obsolete cartridges.

Instead of throwing your unwanted cartridges away and literally throwing away money use our cashback scheme and receive value for those surplus cartridges.











Turn cartridges into cash in 4 simple steps... 



It doesn't matter whether your cartridges are in top condition, in damaged packaging or even missing the original box. We accept them all although their condition will be reflected in the value you receive.

Click on the brochure below to find out more including about the grading system which is  as easy as ABC.


Step 1


Visit the Cartride Cashback web site or download the smartphone app to set up an account using

  • Our referrer code 1e9433
  • Your account number
  • Password of your choice

Step 2


Each OEM branded original cartridge you are returning must be graded A, B or C which will determine it's value

Step 3

Enter details

Enter the cartridge number, quantity and grade online or using the smartphone app. 

An automated email will be sent to you confirming your order containing an address label.

Step 4


Pack your cartridges securely using the delivery label provided. Do not attach directly to the cartridge boxes.

You will be issued with a credit note for the value of the cartridges you have returned .

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