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Secure bulk purchasing benefits

Products including printed materials, workwear and promotional goods when bought in larger quantities can deliver you significant savings.

Our Buy store deliver solution allows you to capture the financial benefit without incurring the potential drawbacks of additional storage and stock management.

After purchase your goods are stored in our secure warehouse and can be ordered using the same online ordering system SOLO used for purchasing your office and business supplies.

Bespoke monthly reports provide visibility of stock levels making reordering straightforward and you have peace of mind that the additional stock will be efficiently handled and managed by us.



Our Buy store deliver solution can be customised to meet your particular requirements. For example we can offer a ‘receiving and checking’ add on of third party goods which we then store and deliver to your requirements.

By coordinating and distributing 3rd party items with our own we can save you both delivery costs and valuable management administration time.

To find out if our Buy store deliver solution would work for you ask us to carry out a free no obligation assessment of your procurement needs. Find out more about our Print store deliver service.

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